Choice Print Welcomes the FujiFilm Revoria EC1100

The team had decided that it was time to upgrade our Fuji Xerox Versant 80. We meet with the guys at Fujifilm and decided we would take a huge step upward to the powerful, super quick and consistent Fujifilm Revoria EC1100


The EC1100 features a new lay system. Inline sensors to check consistency. Larger toner cartridges and the ability to print larger sheets.

Choice Print now prints an extra large sheet up to 1020mm x 330mm! Grant Calder on the new sheet size:

The larger sheet size gives us much more options including printing presentation folder that hold up to 50 A4 sheets.

Pricing for our presentation folders can be found on our website pricing page. The new machine also has a large sheet stacker, this is handy for our long runs of playing card and notepad/books.

Get in touch with Grant to find out more about the new press!

Dylan Calder
Author: Dylan Calder