Helping NZ Businesses and the Environment

Helping New Zealand businesses while addressing local and international environmental concerns:

At Choice Print we don’t just take a cheap imported product of the shelf and stamp a brand on to it. We purchase materials from NZ suppliers who offer a range of papers available from renewable and sustainable local and international sources. We also prioritize papers produced at New Zealand paper mills and employ these in the manufacture of many of our paper based promotional products. We then print onto the raw material, embellish it and convert it into a number of cost-effective promotional products.  We recycle our waste cardboard, plastic and ink cartridges. For the end user client who needs to have a recycled look and feel to their brand we provide a range of products produced from 100% post consumer waste.  We use the latest eco ink/toners which are oil free and have reduced temperature settings saving on the digital press power consumption. We will only individually pack your product in plastic on request or if no alternative option is available.



Choice Print Welcomes the FujiFilm Revoria EC1100

The team had decided that it was time to upgrade our Fuji Xerox Versant 80. We meet with the guys at Fujifilm and decided we would take a huge step upward to the powerful, super quick and consistent Fujifilm Revoria EC1100


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